OpenJudge has been refactored to be faster and easier to set up! This repository was about quick contests for small groups of 20-30 people. Somewhere along the way, I faltered and it became bloated. It’s back now in a form which is fast and light.


Normal Screen Leader Board Screen


First install MongoDB by following the instructions in their docs

sudo apt-get install python3-dev
pip install --user pipenv
pipenv install openjudge --python 3.5
pipenv shell

mkdir questions
cd questions

mkdir 1
cd 1

# Create these files
touch statement i0 o0 i1 o0

# go back to where the questions directory resides
cd ../../

To run openjudge two commands need to be issued. openjudge and openjudge --judge in two separate terminals. The first is the interface and the second is the “judge”.


In case you have a lot of people sending in code and you deem that the code check is too slow, you just have to start another judge process with openjudge --judge.